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This is the trailer for the hanibel rising movie, which is what my story is based on. :) It's very good an a bit gory..…

^ Hannibal Lecotr was hot when he was young.. :)

xx This story is also based on It's Alive, which is a movie aboiut a mutant baby. Also Chilen of the Corn, an moer horror movies!1 :)

Coming up nex time, there will be more Kurt, more Mark an more battles!11 We will lose one of our teem members but there will be good news because they are going back to Earth to help us from there!11
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im ariana. i lov twilite nd damian torne. i tink tohrn is saexah! k so im going 2 write abot it.

i luv shakspre. i luv his play "midsummah nites dreem" i think it was s o clevar dat he understood human dynamics and had Nick Bottom (< funnest nam evah!) gt in tuch with his horse... bcoz dre is a horse inside us all..... nd its our drk side.... k....

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Your insanity is delicious. I wish to savour it slowly over several hours with a few bottles of vintage Bordeaux.
Hello! I woud just like to say how much I adore your Silence of the Lambs fanfiction... a truly stunning portrayal of an insane girl's escape into delusion in order to cope with the chaos around her. I can't wait until Hannibal's true nature as an evil psychopath gets revealed <3
awwwwww thank you x :) im so happey rhat you likd my stroy x thank you it makes me feel so honered
DamiensGirl666 Aug 25, 2012  Hobbyist Artist like Damien Thorn too? ಠ3ಠ . . . LOL it's always nice to meet another fan of him XD :heart:
I just love your stories! And don't worry, you will be in my story soon!
Omg! I relly luv ur stories! i dun write about twilight but i hope u can come read meh story 2! itd make me happy 2 have some revows! :D
BellaCarino Aug 8, 2012  Student Writer
yuor storiees are awesum! cume deck mein out if u liek wtiligt XD
Oh my God :iconawwwplz: I love trolls!
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